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Lacrosse Vs. Stoney Creek

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Softball Vs. Eisenhower

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RDL Trustee Meeting May 10, 2017

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School Board Meeting May 8, 2017

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Lucido, Your Lansing Legislator {Episode 25}


Washington Trustee Meeting May 17, 2017


Eats and Treats - April

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The Journal - May

About the 2012-13 Romeo Student Film Festival

Films were received from students whom created a 3-6 minute short that featured at least one of the three communities of Romeo, Bruce, or Washington Townships. Films were judged by industry professionals. The Grand Prize winner received $1000, first prize was $750 and the second place winner took home $500. Films were screened and winners announced at the WBRW TV studios. Click on the titles below to view the entries.

Nutz so Fast, Samantha Seelbach Producer
Grand Prize
A Superb story told from the comic view of a day in the life of a squirrel. 

Chestnut Hollow, Cruce Grammatico Producer
First Prize
Reminiscent of a History Channel documentary, this film is about a local's unique collection of history located in Chestnut Hollow, Bruce Township.

Go To Romeo, Steven Berry Producer
Second Prize
Using savvy editing and smooth camera work, Berry tells a young woman's story about life growing up in Romeo.

Romeo:Have You Had Fun Today?, Tyler Povinelli Producer
Honorable Mention
Using artful graphics and stop-action Legos, a fun narrative of a day in the life in a 12-year old is woven.

Save The Octagon House, Cassandra Berry Producer
Berry showcases a historic landmark in Washington Township.

A Path of Insomnia, Michael Nowack Producer
A quirky tale of three sleep deprived friends who go out for a challenged evening.

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