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RDL Trustee Meeting May 10, 2017

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Lucido, Your Lansing Legislator {Episode 25}


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The Journal - May


2015 Romeo

48 Hour Film Festival

 Sponsored by the Romeo Film Office

Michigan Community Media


8100 Wicker, Washington, MI 48094




Create a 3 - 6 minute short film shot in one of the three communities of Romeo, Washington or Bruce Township.   The film must contain a specific prop, line of dialogue, and character. These items will be announced on the morning of June 13 at the WBRW/Romeo Film Office tent at the Washington Township Art & Orchard Festival. The winners will be announced and films will be showcased during WBRW Film Festival's "Film Night" on June 25 and later broadcast on WBRW.

The challenge begins when you pick up your packet at the tent on June 13. The challenge commences on Monday, June 15 at 10 am when all submissions are due.

The commitment form is due June 1, 2015 along with your non-refundable entry fee.

Films are due to the WBRW office on June 15 by 10 A.M.

Finalists will be announced June 25

 To get started please read the guidelines, fill out a commitment form for each entry and on June 15 send us your film(s) with the submission form(s) and any outstanding fee(s).


A non-refundable entry fee of $25 is required for each submission. Make checks or money orders payable to Michigan Community Media (MICM). Please do not send cash. Only entries with completed submission forms and paid entry fee will be accepted into the challenge.



Applicants must be out of school, not attending college or university; must be over 18 years old; must not be a professional filmmaker or has made money making films.


Applicants must be a student currently enrolled in a middle school, high school or college/university and a resident of Michigan.  Minors submitting entries must have a signed permission form from a parent or guardian.  Permission forms are available at the WBRW studio.

Film categories will be judged equally - Drama, Comedy, Animation, Documentary or other.


Detailed requirements for the challenge will be provided at the Kickoff Event. Each team will receive their assignment and are given approximately 48 hours to make a short movie.

Entries must prominently feature at least one of the three communities of Romeo, Washington or Bruce Townships. The film must contain a specific prop, line of dialogue, and character.  Content must be suitable for family viewing.


Submitted films must comply to 3 - 6 minutes in length. The official running time begins after the proper title cards and ends prior to end credits. Before the movie begins, you will need:

-      5 seconds of pre roll

-      Title card with Team name (or individual entrant)

-      Include on title card your submission title of movie and “Romeo Film Festival 2015” and movie total running time

-      Three seconds of black between title card and start of film

-      Your film

-      End credits

Entries must be submitted as a full resolution QuickTime, on a DVD or thumb drive. Films must be submitted by June 15 at 10 AM to the WBRW TV studios in Washington Township. We recommend that each team submit two copies of the final video. Sound levels should be relatively even throughout your movie.


Each team will be assigned required elements that must appear in the film such as including a specific character, line of dialogue, or prop. The required character and prop must be seen on-screen. The required line of dialogue must be used verbatim. It may be spoken, sung, and/or written, and it must be in English.

One of the following communities must be recognizable in the film: Romeo, Washington or Bruce Township.



No entries will be returned.

Romeo Film Office, WBRW, and MiCM may add to or amend these rules at any time prior to the beginning of the “official time period.”

Romeo Film Office, WBRW, and MiCM at their sole discretion, disqualify teams deemed to be inappropriate or non-compliant.

All participating teams must follow all rules herein. We reserve the right to screen only certified entries to the challenge.

Any type of video or film camera may be used and there is no limit to the number of cameras.

A panel of industry professionals will select winners, selection will be based on the story, quality of production, showcasing of the community and the ability to creatively and informatively entertain.

Submissions will not be returned; they will become property of MiCM and may be played on WBRW at any time


Teams must be present at the designated times at the designated events to participate. (A representative from the team may pick up the film instructions packet and drop off the submitted film.)

Entries must be the original work of the entrant.

Submissions produced, financed or initiated by a film studio, commercial production company or cable/ television station are ineligible. Content used from the above sources is also prohibited.

Entries must not contain obscene or pornographic material; may not contain defamatory statements about any person, company, organization or entity; may not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity; may not in any way violate applicable laws and regulations; and may not contain any copyrighted elements.

All submitters shall be responsible for obtaining clearances for copyrighted materials, talent and music; and the Romeo Film Production Office, WBRW and Michigan Community Media (MiCM) shall be held harmless in cases where clearances have not been obtained and will not be liable for copyright infringement or unauthorized use.              ____initial here 

WBRW, MiCM and Romeo Film Production Office reserves the right to reject video submissions.  For additional information or questions, contact MiCM at 586-697-5344 or email at


Finalists will be announced at WBRW Film Festival's "Film Night" at the WBRW studio.


Amateur category

1st  Prize:          $1000

2nd Prize:          $750

Student category

1st  Prize:          $500

2nd Prize:          $250

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