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Lacrosse Vs. Stoney Creek

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Softball Vs. Eisenhower

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RDL Trustee Meeting May 10, 2017

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School Board Meeting May 8, 2017

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Lucido, Your Lansing Legislator {Episode 25}


Washington Trustee Meeting May 17, 2017


Eats and Treats - April

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The Journal - May

Making Movies


The Romeo Film Production Office was established to attract the film and advertising industries to the Romeo, Washington, and Bruce community with a focus on leveraging local residents for production and service work within the industry. 
Michigan Community Media and its staff and volunteers act as a liaison for the film and advertising industry representing our community.   
We've recently started working with local filmmakers to come into the studio and share their stories and their triumphs and give advice to aspiring filmmakers.

Check out highlights from our 2013 Film Festival.

Learn more about the 2015 48 Hour Film Challenge and Festival.

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