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Lacrosse Vs. Stoney Creek

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Softball Vs. Eisenhower

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RDL Trustee Meeting May 10, 2017

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School Board Meeting May 8, 2017

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Lucido, Your Lansing Legislator {Episode 25}


Washington Trustee Meeting May 17, 2017


Eats and Treats - April

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The Journal - May


Check out shows made in the community for the community! Local shows produced at WBRW that can't be seen anywhere else.

Monique's Eats & Treats is a monthly cooking and crafting show. Our jovial host Monique, shares recipes and cooking tips as well as quick how to's to create something festive around your house. We've made Thanksgiving on a Budget, Smoked Salmon at the Firehouse, and much more. Check it out for some enjoyable and informative ideas. Click here for recent recipes.

WBRW has the best local sports coverage in the area! Our game of the week may be cover hockey, wrestling, swimming, cheer or girls and boys basketball. We also send out our crews every week to capture more games and events to give our viewers a broader taste of Varsity sports. Watch for our games to air on Tuesdays, starting at 7:00 PM.

Romeo District Library Update
The Romeo District Library Update is a monthly show focusing on what fun events are happening at the Library.


WBRW covers the Romeo High School graduation ceremony each June.

WBRW also covers other school and community events. Contact us for more information about these programs.

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